Ways how cycling can help you save money

Yes I agree that the cost of buying a good decent bike and the cycling gear can be costly. But when you compare it to costs, you’ll incur by not riding your bike, choosing cycling over the alternatives can save you lots of money.

Here are 6 ways cycling will help keep cash in your wallet:


Sitting in crazy traffic day after day has proven to increase stress levels. Daily exercise like cycling, has been proven to reduce stress and improve overall health. Healthcare costs associated with heart disease, obesity and other common musculoskeletal issues which appear as we naturally age can cost thousands of pounds per year even with health insurance. When you consider how cycling can strengthen muscles and joints, improve heart health, lower cholesterol, prevent diseases and lower body fat percentage, its easy to see how daily cycling can lower your yearly healthcare costs.

Daily Transportation:

The cost of driving is increasing in the UK with car tax, insurance and fines increasing across the UK- but the lifetime running cost of a vehicle will shock you. Over their lifetime the average British motorists will clock up a staggering 556,764 miles and spend £168,880. UK motorists will also wrack up a bill of £40,000 on MOTs, servicing and repairs and £9,404 on parking according to the express.co.uk.

Even if you get a nice bike and decent gear, annual costs to commute to work as a cyclise will average around £350-£500. Year after year, this adds up to some pretty significant savings.

Gym Memberships:

A membership to your local gym will likely cost £20-£100 a month – a most people don’t even end up using them. While you might have to spend a little money initially if you don’t have a bike, once you make your purchase there isn’t much to buy – and a good bike should last you for years and years if properly maintained. This could mean extra savings for you and a cheaper way to get in shape.


If you live or work in a busy area, then parking can be a complete nightmare – and can be a big damage to your wallet day after day. With a bike, one of the great things about commuting by bike that you are free to park anywhere and flexible too. And the best park is, no matter where you park your bike, its always free!

Entertainment Savings:

Once you get into a good cycling routine and built up a huge passion, there is a high chance that you’ll want to take your bike out for a spin more often especially on those nice sunny days! This means spending less time at the cinema, shopping or other leisure activities that cost money. Building cycling as a form of fitness and sport in your daily life, will positively change your lifestyle meaning you’ll skip late nights out in the weekend and opt for an early night sleep on a Friday night for a healthy Saturday morning cycle instead.

Increased productivity:

Cycling to work instead of driving has been shown to increase overall productivity by around 15%, by exercising your brain and reducing your stress levels before the day begins. While this might not seem like it directly translates to monetary value, comparing your productivity with that of your co-workers makes for a pretty good argument when its time to ask for that raise during your performance review!

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