How Cobra Kai Taught Me Motivation

If you have been living under a rock for the past year, Cobra Kai has been one of the top 5 popular shows on Netflix thanks to the past hit ‘The Karate Kid’. But the show has taught its  viewers really great life motivation. Mainly being to not give up on your life goals and to fight until it becomes a reality. The show has definitely taught me some great stuff which I will now share with you.

Cobra Kai is an American martial arts comedy-drama streaming television series based on the original Karate Kid films and full of motivation. It follows the exploits of the now successful Daniel LaRusso who is struggling to maintain balance in his life without the guidance of Mr. Miyagi. When the infamous Cobra Kai dojo is reopened by LaRusso’s previous adversary, the down-and-out Johnny Lawrence, he must take him on one last time, but it’s not quite as simple as that. As of February 2021, Cobra Kai has been watched by 73 million Netflix member households between the three seasons.

The show has also been an eye opener for people who struggle motivation or lose hope in reaching their goals and dreams. One thing the show really teaches us is that everything is possible if you work on your goals and do not give up. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent quotes from the show and what it teaches us.


We live in a loud and distracting world where silence is increasingly difficult to come by – and that may be negatively affecting our health. We’re constantly filling our ears with music, TV and radio news, podcasts and, of course, the multitude of sounds that we create nonstop in our heads. The wake-up call from the true Cobra Kai sensei can be a rallying cry that we can make to organise our minds and even let out frustrations and to show motivation.

Pain does not exist in this dojo.

This mantra that John Kreese taught his “cobras” can be very damaging if it is poorly focused. It is important that you know to pay attention to the signals of your body to know when to stop. However, this phrase can also propel you when you set a goal and need to take that extra step to fight back. The challenge comes in following a plan to make those goals a reality. It’s time to develop your plan. You’ve reached the final stage of your goal. Now it’s time to figure out how to get there.

If I’m extra hard on you, it’s because you have the ability to be better than me.

A great human being realises their mistakes, the parts that he/she has to improve and accepts that he has to work to be better for the world for yourself. One of the best ways for motivation is not think about what you’re doing as “hard work”. Allow the work to help you become who you want to be and a step forward to success. When you have decided to do something, don’t think about how difficult, frustrating, or impossible it might be; instead, think about how good or proud you would feel after you have accomplished it.

That’s just black paint on a white wall.

I like this particular phrase because it shows that it is possible and completely valid to change your mind, even when you have believed something for decades. Over the years, I’ve learned to accept change as the only constant in life. The only thing I’m 100% confident about is that things will always change. Nothing stays the same for too long. It  doesn’t make sense to adopt a certain way of life and keep it until you die. Sadly, that’s what many of us do.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a loser, a nerd, or a freak. The only thing that matters is that you get tough.

I love this phrase because it shows that each person deserves to be the owner of their own narrative and build their person beyond the opinion that the rest of the world may have. If your narrative is overly influenced by external forces, such as other people’s opinions or societal pressures, they can box you in and limit what’s possible. We all have the ability – and the responsibility – to disrupt these negative stores and craft better ones. Our success depends on it.

I may not always win, but I never quit a fight.

Even if the circumstances are against it, the only thing that is not acceptable is to let fear paralyze you. In some cases, the problem isn’t mental, but it’s physical. Even if you have the willpower to work hard but don’t have the physical energy to complete the task, getting yourself to finish it can be difficult. Having the right work ethic and attitude can go a long way in helping you feel satisfied.

When negative feelings overwhelm you, look for the good within yourself.

This phrase about finding balance within oneself in the midst of adverse circumstances seems extremely pertinent to me in a year like 2021 where it seems that the bad news does not stop arriving. It is the responsibility of each one to find what motivates him and to take care of his mental and spiritual health to be able to fight one more day. Self-love is absolutely vital for living a positive, present life.

Never mind your past mistakes, don’t let them determine your future.

Redemption is a central theme of this series, especially when it comes to Johnny’s story. I like this phrase because it reminds us that many times we ourselves can be the harshest judges with our history and that if we do not let go of the past, we will have our hands full to receive the future. Don’t allow regret, mistakes, and failure to define your worth, as you are much more than that. Instead, treat them as valuable lessons that will appoint you in the right direction to help your motivation.

In Cobra Kai, as it is in life – it’s wise not to look at how people around you are walking their paths, as this will kill your motivation. They are their paths, not yours. And if they’re getting somewhere faster than you, or doing ‘better’ than you, attempting to emulate their success isn’t necessarily the right option for you. You never know when they’re going to land on a snake, or you’re going to climb a ladder.

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