8 Things You Can Do Tonight To Help Make Tomorrow More Productive

Preparing a night may help make your productivity in the morning. Here’s how you can help set yourself up for success.

Nobody sets out to have an unproductive day. Despite your best intentions though, it can seem impossible to get things done, especially with constant distractions like social media notifications and last minute plans.

But there are things you can do to give yourself an advance once tomorrow begins. The key is to prepare the night before, taking steps to give yourself the best head start possible tomorrow.

Here are 8 small things you can do tonight to help improve your productivity tomorrow.

Set out clothing.

It may not seem like it, but picking what you’re going to wear takes time each morning. You’ll get a better start on your day if you can get from bed to work with as few difficulties as possible.

Even if you consider clothing an insignificant part of your day, set out everything you’re going to wear the night before, including shoes, socks etc. This will help reduce the decisions you have to make in the morning, when you’re clearly rushed for time.

Plan tomorrow’s dinner.

To me there are few things more annoying that standing in front of the fridge and pantry at 5.00pm and having no idea of what I’ll be eating and serving for dinner. Avoid this horrible scenario by planning ahead. When you plan for tomorrow’s dinner tonight, life is much easier with better productivity.

Take time out to reflect.

Stop what you’re doing and take 15 to 20 minutes to reflect on your day. Turn off or get rid of any distraction that might interfere with your ability to think clearly and deliberately, and isolate yourself if necessary.  Don’t judge your actions harshly or let yourself slip into negative thoughts like “today was the worst”. Instead, think back on everything that went wrong – as well as everything that went right. Appreciate what want right, and try to analyse what went wrong.

Find time to meditate.

While you’re isolated and distraction free, set aside some time to meditate – it’s simpler than you might think. Your goal here is to free your mind of any wandering thoughts, distractions, and general clutter that can stress you out and reinforce your negative feelings. Any time a new thought enters your mind, visualise yourself letting it go and return to a state of mindfulness.


Sacrifice some time tonight to dedicate to work items. You don’t have to actually work on anything – instead, your job will be to prioritise things for tomorrow. Make a short list of everything you have to do, everything you hope to do, and everything that might be nice to do; these will serve as your three main priority categories. Be sure to leave some time for unexpected new assignments and responsibilities to help your productivity.

Set your alarm.

Plan to wake up early tomorrow, and set your alarm accordingly. Starting your day even 15 minutes earlier than you normally would will give you more time to get ready, less trouble with traffic during your commute, and a greater sense of control over your life.

Trying to get up early and failing can be a stressful and frustrating way to start the day, leaving you feeling rushed and defeating the purpose of the exercise.

Go to bed at a reasonable hour.

You already know rest is important. Your body and mind need to recharge each day. Wrap up your evening tasks in enough time so you’ll be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep. If you don’t, you may soon find you’re not functioning well. Don’t rob yourself of the rest you need by staying up too late.

Treat yourself.

Make time to do something for yourself. Take an extra-long shower or indulge in a bubble bath. Phone that friend you’ve been meaning to call. Scroll through your favourite Pinterest feeds or tune in to your favourite show on Netflix. Whatever it is you like to do for you, do that before you call it a night.

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