6 Ways Working From Home Can Save You Money

Most people ask can working from home really save you money? We believe there are many financial benefits of working from home, aside from the money that companies save when employees work remotely.

Working from home is a topic we really believe in, and when we think of all the positive effects on life from working from home, it kind of seems like a no-brainer if you have a job you can do from a laptop.

Working from home adds a lot of value to your life because it saves you time, money stress and more. We wanted to dig a little deeper into how and why you can save money when you work from home.

We’ve been working from home on and off for almost four years. Currently been working from home full time for now a year now due to the ongoing pandemic and restrictions. These tips are some of our favourite ways that we’ve been saving money while we’ve been working remotely.


Commuting will be one of the most obvious ways that you can save money when you work from home. If you drive to work, you’ll save on petrol, parking, car maintenance and wear and tear to your car.

So thankful to have just started a permanent work from home role. My company is based in another state so when I do have to go to the office it will include a mini vacation. – @the.moneytip Instagram comment

If you live in a city, and you work from home you wont need to pay any underground or train costs. In London, my monthly travel cost going to work in the TFL underground was around £150 a month. This is money that I’m saving every month by not having to pay for one, because I currently don’t have a commute!

On top of saving money commuting, I have now saved considerable time on the commute itself. My journey to work on the TFL underground was over an hour long. It was always a stressful experience due to underground delays, cancelations and no space on the underground to even get in!

It’s safe to say that I really don’t miss the commute to and from the office. In particular, avoiding all the madness and rush hour which comes with undergrounds and trains can improve your mental wellbeing.


At home I often audit my existing clothes and see what fits and then decide what I still like. I try not to hold onto clothes that I might fit into late or anything that’s out of style or been out of use for a while. I also try to sell as much as possible, and give away what that is no longer needed to charity.

One thing I realised when being in the office, is the need to want to subtly impress co-workers with new, trendy well-fitting clothes. In addition, the industry I work in is luxury fashion and it was easy to feel compelled to “fit in” with what everyone else was wearing and trying new look trends.

Since working from home, I am now sporting more comfortable affordable lounge wear and feel the less need to now splash money on new work clothes. Limiting the amount of clothes that we buy means we get to save money and save clutter from our dressers and closets. I have also realised that people couldn’t really tell the difference if we wore the same clothes often. And finally got over the need and desire to replace our clothes because we felt like we had to!

I don’t even know how I’m going to back to the office. Hope HR will expand dress code to include PJs! – @the.money tip Instagram Comment

Food Costs

When I was going to the office regularly, I would often pick up lunch or a snack on the way home. In fact, when I started working from home, I have lost two KGs because I cut out everything that had been an “on the way” item.

When working in the office, it was really easy to grab lunch with co-workers. It was also easy to eat more than 1000 calories during lunch. And then feel horrible that I overate, and just spent too much money on the price of eating out in Central London!

Since working from home, I have been really focused on getting healthy good that makes me feel good!

By working from home and cooking all of my meals and limiting the amount of times that I order in, I have easily saved a few hundred pounds per month, if not more. For me, this has been incredible for my health and my savings.

Especially since gas prices are going up and not tempted to eat out for lunch or breakfast – @the.moneytip Instagram Comment


Childcare can really be a huge expense if you are part of a family that has small children. If both parents work, paying for childcare is an important part of life.

Lots of people have had to make adjustments recently in order to look after their children or help them learn from home.

I’ve never before been able to work from home but I love it, can pick my daughter up from school every day. It’s been amazing, very grateful that I have a job that allows me to WFH. – @the.moneytip Instagram Comment

Given, this is not something that I have experience with: rather, we know people who have formed small groups to hep keep their kids occupied and/or learning, while they work from home.

Or in some cases, parents’ work schedules have been adjusted in order for one parent to look after their children as the other parent is working. Sometimes, if grandparents are close and are in a position to do so, they can help with childcare as well.

Either way, not paying for professional childcare like a live-in nanny or daycare center, whether it is within our control or not, is a way to save money.

Gym costs

With my old office schedule, I would leave the office promptly around 5pm so that I could make it to the gym by 6pm.

I would work out for an hour and then head home. By the time I got home, it was usually 7.30pm and then would shower and freshen up home. By then I was starving, and would make dinner, try and relax and then go to bed around 10pm. I would do this day on day, week after week.

There was very little time for me to do anything after work, except for going to the gym.

Recently, gyms have been closed and I have not missed them at all. I’ve invested a little bit in home exercise equipment and have been running outside and getting plenty of steps. By exercising at home, I personally save £50 per month!


We won’t be the first to say this: time is money. What not enough people are saying is that time is happiness, and happiness is work life balance when you work from home.

Working from home saves you money because it saves you time and in turn improves mental wellbeing.

One of my favourite overall benefits of working remotely is that you gain that time back in your day to hobbies you love. Among these could time focused on staying fit, working on eating healthy, reading with your kids or working on your side hustle.

I am teleworking with my current position but just accepted a new job offer where I will work from home permanently. I am so excited for all the perks of that. – @the.moneytip Instagram Comment

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